Canon S100

Canon S100

Hello Santa, ( oh happy new month guys!!! a little bit late sorry) back to santa… Its been an year since I last wrote, how have you been? Am a blogger now therefore my wishlist changes alot bit, I nolonger want a big white teddy and the moon I only want a Canon camera s100, and a samsung galaxy phone. Mostly the camera and you don’t have to worry, I have been on my best behaviour promise :). Oww and this year I will serve you with some gingernut biscuits and low fat yoghurt.
Ps don’t use the chimney its so dusty it has never been cleaned.


220px-Twiggy_promo6a00e554f1ae9388330120a696b8d3970c-800wiTwiggy++by+Barry+Lategantwiggy2twiggyHey there, I would love to introduce you guys to Twiggy,so Twiggy meet my readers, readers meet Twiggy. Reason being that I have been skinny all my life not due to sickness or anything, I was just born this way.

Being skinny in Africa/ Kenya is kind of a bad thing, people keep telling you that you too small that you should eat more unlike in the western countries where some people strive to loose weight for their own personal reasons. I don’t know about you but I feel here skinny people aren’t accepted by the society that much.

I turned 20 on September and people get so surprised when they learn about my age or here that am in uni. My mum keeps telling me not to mind what people say or think beacause you will never get to satisfy them all that you will just end up sad.

Here is the connection between Twiggy and all you’ve read above, I love Twiggy she was a 60’s model who was super skinny she is 5ft6 am around 4 and a half maybe. In 1966 she was named the face of 1966, she was known for her androgynous looks, large eyes, long lashes, thin build and short hair.

She was one of the first onternational supermodel and faishion icon of the 1960’s. She has been critised for her boyish thin image ” I was very skinny, but that was just my natural build. I always ate sensibly, being thin was in my genes.” Those are awesome words when I read them in wikipedia I was like haha in your face b…… ( I promised not to curse on this blog) 🙂

Sometimes I go to the gym just to be a little bit flexible ( I swear I have the stiffest limbs ever) and people look at me with judgy eyes, it sucks but I don’t mind. My friend Monicah says am skunny but inside am fat this is because I can’t run or skip rope but I think am just lazy.

Shutting up and posting Twiggy’s pictures.13134d1169778453-england-rejects-ban-size-zero-models-twiggy181106_228x621
Last words you should be comfy in your own skin.
Photos from google.

Beautiful belt

Beautiful belt

2012-12-08 21.12.02_001I totally loved this dress on my friend Lydia (kalewa) not sure whether I got the spelling right. I love the print and the colours too.


Beautiful right?

Beautiful right?

This is my friend Qui, I really liked her look and I had to post her pic on the blog. We had earlier conducted an interview but I lost the recording, sorry:(. All i can remember is that she was going to hangout with her friends and that she shops at world business centre.

Apparently you aren't supposed to post without a picture to entertain your readers so here are some tulips to keep you busy.

Apparently you aren’t supposed to post without a picture to entertain your readers so here are some tulips to keep you busy.

I have this notebook where I write stuff about blogging and fashion, I have close to 3 pages of blog posts that am supposed to post on this not so little blog of mine but everytime I sit on the computer my mind shuts down. All of a sudden I can’t read and type and all I end up doing is reading other blogs.

My mum always calls and she asks “Carole did you update your blog today?” and I always answer by saying no reason being I don’t have a camera. Thats a lame excuse I know but its part of why my blogging sucks.

For the third look I again changed the cardigan, okay I think this is a little bit lazy. You should change the hairstlye, accessories etc

For look 2, I changed my cardigan and added a bag. That simple.